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Millennium Collection :: Contemporary

Millennium Collection :: Contemporary
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    Product Description

    AIT Records is proud to present The Sounds of Contemporary Ethiopian Music Millennium Collection, our finest recordings. This superlative album offers world music lovers a glimpse into the heart of Ethiopian music. Ethiopiaís most influential singers have joined with their countryís leading musicians to bring you this superb collection of their greatest recordings. This very special album is our gift to you enjoy!

    Producers: Abegasu Kibrework Shiota (except Roha Band, Dawit Yifru)
    Executive Producer: Aman Adinew

    Music Samples
    1. Ende Amora - Alemayehu EshetePlay
    2. ZarŽm Mengedegna - Hamelmal AbatePlay
    3. Ketemaw - Theodros TadessePlay
    4. Yamral Tiletish - Neway DebebePlay
    5. GeezzŽ - Kuku SebsibePlay
    6. Lottery - Dawit MellessePlay
    7. Zebnanu - Martha AshagariPlay
    8. Ye-Minjarua Loga - Alemayehu EshetePlay
    9. Idda - Hamelmal AbatePlay
    10. Be-GuddŽ Ewotana - Theodros TadessePlay
    11. Kolel - Kuku SebsibePlay
    12. Anchiw Dereshiligne - Dawit MellessePlay
    13. Efoyehu - Martha AshagariPlay