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The Ethiopian Millennium Collection :: Ballads

The Ethiopian Millennium Collection :: Ballads
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    Product Description

    AIT Records presents The Ethiopian Millennium Collection – Ballads. This outstanding album offers world music lovers a glimpse into the heart and soul of Ethiopian music. Relax and enjoy these soothing, sometimes melancholy and often nostalgic ballads, performed by Ethiopia’s premier singers and musicians. This superb collection includes some of the greatest recordings by Mahmoud Ahmed, winner of the 2007 BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music; Alemayehu Eshete, dubbed the “James Brown” of Ethiopia; and Muluken Mellesse. Enjoy!

    Compilation Producer: Aman Adinew
    Executive Producers: Metasebia Zewde, Michael Adinew and Tariku Adinew

    Music Samples
    1. Tizita - Mahmoud AhmedPlay
    2. Zimita - Theodros TadessePlay
    3. Djimirë - Hamelmal AbatePlay
    4. Kehak Atsewirugn - Alemayehu EshetePlay
    5. Firejign - Dawit MellessePlay
    6. Tizita - Rahel YohannesPlay
    7. Kezebiyë - Theodros KassahunPlay
    8. Nefs Neh – Hiruth GirmaPlay
    9. Minew Keferede - Muluken MelessePlay
    10. Tefagn Bilihatu - Hana ShenkutePlay
    11. Teyikesh Tereji - Mahmoud AhmedPlay