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The Ethiopian Millennium Collection :: Dance

The Ethiopian Millennium Collection :: Dance
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    Product Description

    AIT Records presents The Ethiopian Millennium Collection – Dance. When you’re in the mood to move, this energizing album is for you! The blistering rhythms and mesmerizing melodies make this collection a must-have for any world music lover. Presenting the work of some of Ethiopia’s most talented performers, the Dance collection includes recordings by Mahmoud Ahmed, winner of the 2007 BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music; the James Brown-inspired Alemayehu Eshete; Theodros Tadesse; Kuku Sebsibe; Theodros “Afro” Kassahun and others. Enjoy!

    Compilation Producer: Aman Adinew
    Executive Producers: Metasebia Zewde, Michael Adinew and Tariku Adinew

    Music Samples
    1. Ye-Shewa Alemena – Teshome WoldePlay
    2. Alawekishilignim - Mahmoud AhmedPlay
    3. Setaleksh Des Alishign - Abinet AgonafirPlay
    4. Wetatwan lij - Dawit MellessePlay
    5. Be-hilmė New Be-ewnė - Alemayehu EshetePlay
    6. Melegna - Theodros TadessePlay
    7. Indėt Neh - Kuku SebsibePlay
    8. Ashkaro - Mahmoud AhmedPlay
    9. Alchilim - Hiruth GirmaPlay
    10. Hoya-hoyė (Guadegnochė) - Henock MehariPlay
    11. Sintun Ayichėbih - Hana ShenkutePlay
    12. Tsigėreda - Theodros KassahunPlay
    13. Tew Enji - Martha AshagariPlay
    14. Laltelash Kal Alegn - Dawit MellessePlay