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Theodros Tadesse :: Zimita

Theodros Tadesse :: Zimita
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    Product Description

    Theodros Tadesse has been singing traditional and contemporary Ethiopian music for more than a dozen years. Zimita is Theodros' sixth release, his first new album since 1992. He has truly captured the rhythms of his homeland while blending them with his own personal style to create a distinct new sound. Theodros has performed with such celebrated groups as the Roha Band, the Dahlak Band, and the Ethio-Stars Band. On Zimita he is accompanied by the Admas Band.

    Producer: Abegasu Kibrework Shiota
    Executive Producer: Aman Adinew

    Music Samples
    1. Be-Guddė EwotanaPlay
    2. ZimitaPlay
    3. Be-Aynė Metash WoyPlay
    4. Kerehugne TekijėPlay
    5. Tėna-adamPlay
    6. AlboPlay
    7. Hulle Menash MuluPlay
    8. MelegnaPlay
    9. Girma MogesėPlay
    10. KetemawPlay