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Dawit Mellesse :: Andiken

Dawit Mellesse :: Andiken
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    Product Description

    Dawit Mellesse is one of Ethiopia's hottest new artists. His unique style fuses Ethiopian contemporary music with a variety of world beats to create an intoxicating sound. This beat laden recording includes the following rhythm forms: Ballad, Boogie, Cha ka Cha ka, Chic Chic ka (Iskista), Highlife, and Soca.

    Dawit has performed with the renowned Roha Band, the Ethio-Stars Band, Abyssinia, Wallias, Sevan and, most recently, with the Express Band. He has toured extensively around the world with stops in Europe, Asia, and East Africa

    It was Dawit's debut album, Alchalkum, in 1991 which made him a favorite with Ethiopia's youth. Since then, he has recorded four albums, including 1995's Lottery (AIT Records) and 2000's Anchin New, which have earned Dawit a place among Ethiopia's greatest performers. both albums were collaborative effort of Dawit and Ethiopia's renowned Admas and Express bands.

    The new album, Andiken, is yet another musical masterpiece that combines both traditional and contemporary Ethiopian music into something creative, new and extraordinary.

    Producers: Abegasu Kibrework Shiota & Dawit Mellesse
    Executive Producers: Dawit Mellesse & Aman Adinew

    Music Samples
    1. Ehil WehaPlay
    2. Laltelash Kal AlegnPlay
    3. Endėt LichalPlay
    4. AndikenPlay
    5. Konjo BagerPlay
    6. Yaken YemetanaPlay
    7. Nefs NeshPlay
    8. Wetatwan LijPlay
    9. FerejignPlay
    10. Min YilishalPlay
    11. MaldeshPlay
    12. AstawisishalehuPlay
    13. Ejen SetehuPlay