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Shambel Belayneh :: Arheebu

Shambel Belayneh :: Arheebu
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    Product Description

    When it comes to traditional Ethiopian music, Shambel Belayneh is well known not only for his singing talent, but also for his great skill with the Masinko. He is deeply committed to performing the music of Ethiopia throughout the world. Arheebu, Shambel's seventh recording, is an attempt to blend traditional musical instruments (Masinko and Kirar) with western instrumentation.

    Producers: Shambel Belayneh, Abiyou Solomon, Birhane Kidane & Abegasu Kibrework Shiota
    Executive Producer: Aman Adinew

    Music Samples
    1. Iyemetash TegniPlay
    2. ArheebuPlay
    3. AyiresamPlay
    4. FetroshalPlay
    5. Nureelign HagerėPlay
    6. Libesh KabawinPlay
    7. Ye-Bėt Emebėt NeshPlay
    8. Endashash AdirgignPlay
    9. Abekelesh GonderPlay
    10. Weba Sew CheresePlay